BEAST v2.5.0 major update is out

11 April 2018

Dear BEAST user,

We are pleased to announce the release of BEAST v2.5.0. The main changes are:

  •         BEAST & friends are now compatible with Java 8, 9 and 10.
  •         All appllications start a bit faster now package discovery is cached.
  •         Versions available with Java bundled.        


  •         A command line option is added to parameterise XML files.
  •         Maximum MCMC length was 2147483647 is now 9223372036854775807.
  •         Fix for resume of coalescent, which sometimes failed.
  •         RPNCalculator logs starting from 1 consistent with multi dimensional parameters.


  •         Facility to automatic update packages when BEAUti is started.
  •         Tip dates panel supports wider range of formats.
  •         Added clear classpath menu.
  •         More robust NEXUS parsing.
  •         Allow top level templates, to easily switch between say MCMC and nested sampling.
  •         Bug fix for unlimited prior distributions to be changed.
  •         More robust substitution model initialisation.


  •         Renamed appstore => applauncher to preven confusion with OS X app store.
  •         Renamed addonmanager => packagemanager.
  •         Packagemanager has an -update option to check for updates and -updatenow to install without asking.
  •         Better progress reporting on logcombiner, treeannotator, loganalyser.

More details are available here:

You can download this version of BEAST from here (upgrading via package manager is not possible for this major release):