EON workshop on sensors, motors and behaviour at the origin of life

11 August 2017

Dr Matthew Egbert was awarded funding from Tokyo Institute of Technology's Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) to gather an international group of experts from various disciplines for a three-day workshop on Sensors, Motors and Behaviour at the Origin of Life.

The meeting took place July 26 - 28. Its focus was upon the possibility of pre-biotic forms of self-preservation and how they might have facilitated the earliest stages of life's evolution. The event was highly interdisciplinary, involving experts on self-moving motile oil-droplets (chemists), metabolism-based chemotaxis in modern bacteria (biologists) and the physics of dissipative structures (physicists), computational modelers, and philosophers of science, biology and mind.

The group are continuing their discussions online and in a future special issue journal. For anyone interested in this area of research, please get in touch with Dr Egbert