Release of BEAST v2.4.5

02 February 2017

The BEAST core development team are pleased to announce the release of BEAST v2.4.5. One of the main changes is that it now supports running XML files with package versions that were used to create the XML, thus providing better replicability of results. Other changes are:

• Clone fix that deals with edited priors
• Package manager can now install specific package versions, not only the latest
• Improved data type guessing on importing FASTA files
• Log MRCAPriors imported through NEXUS files

• Added -strictversions flag to indicate only package versions specified in XML should be loaded.
• Tree parser fixes
• StarBeastStartState now takes bounds of parameters it sets in account
• Allow nested operator schedules
• Improved error reporting

Package manager
• Added -version flag to specify exactly which package version to install.

• Now calculates 2D HPDs by default (for phylogeography analyses)
• Added -nohpd2D flag to suppress 2D HPD calculation
• Added -noSA flag to suppress tree set being seen as that of a sampled ancestor analysis

This version of BEAST can be downloaded from: and choose the version for your operating system.

Note that this release requires Java 8, which can be downloaded from

A few more details are available here: