Summer Research Scholarships

19 May 2016

Are you interested to find out more about the research and researchers at Centre for Computational Evolution (CCE) while contemplating postgraduate research? There are 5 exciting projects at CCE as part of the University of Auckland Summer Research Scholarship scheme 

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How did evolution start? An investigation into the origins of evolution using a simple computer simulation (No knowledge of biology necessary!)

Project code: SC121

Supervisor: Dr Matthew Egbert



Mapping the human expansion around the globe

Project code:  SCI125

Where do we come from? How did humans come to occupy all corners of the globe? This project will combine newly available large-scale human mtDNA and Y-Chromosome sequence databases with Bayesian phylogeographic models of lineage evolution to trace the human colonization of the globe through time and space. Students will learn about principles of modeling genetic evolution and will receive training in the use of our BEAST 2 phylogenetics software package. Some programming experience essential.

Supervisors: Dr Remco Bouckaert & Assoc Prof Quentin Atkinson




Model-based approaches to measuring phylogenetic tree dissimilarity

Project code:  SCI127

Some experience with this language is desirable.  Additionally, as this is quite an open-ended and technical research project, some very basic familiarity with phylogenetic models and ideas would definitely be a bonus.

Supervisor: Dr Tim Vaughan





Seeing trees in the cloud

Project code:  SCI128

You will need to have some experience developing web pages and programming in JavaScript.  Along the way you will learn about cutting-edge techniques at the interface between computer science, statistics and evolutionary biology.

Supervisors: Dr Tim Vaughan & Prof Alexei Drummond




Using mobile phone data to model influenza epidemics

Project code:  SCI129

No biological background is necessary to work effectively on this project, although you should have some Java programming experience.

Supervisors: Dr Tim Vaughan, Dr David Welch & Prof Alexei Drummond