The Centre for Computational Evolution will be holding various seminars and workshops during the year. 


  • Evolutionary robotics methodology models adaptive behaviour in nervous tissues Event as iCalendar
    23 November 2017, 11am
    Dr Matthew Egbert will introduce Evolutionary Robotics methodology and how it is being used to study signal lags in nervous tissues which plays a functional role in intelligent adaptive behaviour.
  • Methods for analysing kauri dieback disease Event as iCalendar
    16 November 2017, 11am
    Dr Remco Bouckaert will present work on using new methods to analyse how Phytophthora diversified to cause Kauri dieback disease.
  • Two PhD research talks Event as iCalendar
    12 October 2017, 11am
    PhD students Rong Zhang and Jing Yang will provide some insights into their PhD projects. Rong Zhang will be talking about the theory of complex networks and a method of evaluating the vulnerability. Jing Yang will be discussing the global genetic diversity of the H9N2 avian influenza virus.
  • How is the genetic code embedded in chemistry? Event as iCalendar
    21 September 2017, 11am - 12pm
    Assoc Prof Peter Wills will discuss what is required for a system to execute the rules of genetic coding, and why this refutes the notion that the genetic code evolved in the hypothetical "RNA World".
  • Design parameters for genome editing in humans (Biological Science, Computer Science) Event as iCalendar
    31 August 2017, 11am - 12pm
    Professor Alexei Drummond reviews the literature on genetic load in humans and describes the research investigating the application of genome editing to improve human health.
  • BEAST mouse
    Taming the BEAST in London Event as iCalendar
    24 July 2017 - 28 July 2017
    The third iteration of Taming of the BEAST is taking place in London in July 2017. Taming the BEAST is a workshop focused on BEAST2, an open-source software package for Bayesian phylogenetic analyses of molecular sequences. The workshop consists of invited talks, lectures and hands-on tutorials by prominent experts in the field.
  • The Venue map
    Waiheke 2017 (Computer Science, Conferences, Biological Sciences, Central Event Tags, Conferences Symposia, science_news, Mathematics) Event as iCalendar
    12 February 2017 - 17 February 2017, 6 - 1pm
    The 21st Annual New Zealand Phylogenomics Meeting - The Interface of Mathematics and Biology
  • south pacific _black mouse
    Taming the BEAST in the South Pacific Event as iCalendar
    05 February 2017 - 10 February 2017
    Taming the BEAST in the South Pacific is an intensive week-long summer school to be held on scenic Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand targeted at postgraduate and early career researchers who want to develop their skills in the understanding and use of phylogenetics and phylodynamics inferences for data analysis.
  • MolEcolBiol featuring BEAST2 Event as iCalendar
    02 December 2016, 10am - 4:30pm
    CCE is running a full day BEAST2 workshop as part of the NZ Molecular Ecology conference. See for more details.
  • BEAST mouse
    BEAST2 at VEME2016, Seoul Event as iCalendar
    14 August 2016 - 19 August 2016
    There will be a module on BEAST2 presented by Dr Tim Vaughan at the 21st International Bioinformatics Workshop on Virus Evolution and Molecular Epidemiology (VEME).